Our Promise

We offer all our clients a no win no fee guarantee. At Inter Italia we are so confident in our ability to produce, if we don’t deliver then you don’t have to pay.

The ‘Inter’ Difference

The combination of our key success factors and our no win no fee guarantee puts us in a powerful position to beat our competitors and stay ahead.


Inter Italia has big plans for the future. Our clients are pushing for us to grow
into new markets so they can increase their customer base.


There is only one thing we can plan for and that is change. We know the market will keep diversifying, so we will have to as well to stay ahead of the game.

Inter Italia Promises International Growth.

Why Outsource?

More about us

Who we are

Inter Italia is a national customer acquisitions firm. We pride ourselves on delivery professional and time specific sales strategies for our clients to increase their market share.

What we do

We predominately work with our clients customers face to face, and promote and sell our clients products and services to specific geographical markets. Our services are measurable and risk free.

Why we do it

Our industry has seen positive growth over the past few years, even during the recession. Promoting brands one on one has massive benefits that cant be beat by our indirect competitors.

Where we do it

Inter Italia can execute our sales strategies on a national basis, and in the next few years plan on going global. With our recent growth we are confident that we will be able to achieve international growth.

Our Capabilities

Market Research 75%
Sales Strategy Formulation 95%
Pilot Campaigns 85%
Project Management 80%
Client Feedback 83%
Sales Implementation 98%
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